The Biggest Opportunity for your Brand

Building trust with your stakeholders continues to be the biggest opportunity for your brand in 2018. Declining trust in society’s institutional pillars (media, government, business and NGOs), underscores the vast possibilities available to those who build credible, trustworthy relationships and businesses.  

If you connect with your audiences using authentic, fact-based communications, you’ll continue to stand out.

Research tells us that consumers are craving brands that:

  • Connect with them on an emotional and personal level. Be your true self consistently in your communications and messaging. 
  • Are purpose-driven, but not politically motivated. Your brand is about you and should reflect your core values and purpose. Anchor your decisions and communications in your core values – use them to help guide your business amongst the noisy communication landscape.
  • Build meaningful communities. Cultivating a loyal audience begins with creating a sense of belonging. Given the fragmentation of our current culture, brands that bring people together and create community will thrive. Social Media Examiner offers four tactical tips for building engaging social communities that can be applied across social platforms.

Trust, authenticity and relationships remain foundational to the success of your brand – continue to cultivate and invest in them.

Three Essentials for Giving a Standout Presentation

Speaking in front of a large group and representing your business in a high-stakes situation can feel overwhelming. But, delivering an authentic presentation is possible with planning and practice. 

Here's my three essentials:  

1. Plan 

2. Practice 

3. Be personable 

1. Plan 

Preparing your remarks is the first step, but also anticipate and plan the details ahead of time. Here’s a few questions to jump start the planning process:

  • How will you respond to questions? 
  • What is the layout and logistics of the venue?
  • What will you wear? 
  • How you can leverage your remarks once given?
  • How will you share with your network via email or social media? 

2. Practice

It’s the key to giving a polished presentation and reducing anxiety. 

  • Practice as if it’s the real thing.
  • Time your remarks to ensure they are within the given time frame.
  • Rehearse with an audience to become more comfortable and seek feedback.
  • Record yourself to review your remarks and body language. 

3. Be personable 

Create a connection with your audience by being yourself. 

  • Talk to the audience, as you would to a close friend. Use gestures and words that you typically use in conversation.
  • Relate to your audience. Identify what they want to learn from you and consider their concerns, fears and questions. 
  • Respond to audience feedback. Be prepared to change the tempo of your speech of cut sections if needed. 

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Creating an authentic brand, step-by-step

Everywhere you look these days, you read something about the importance of branding yourself. Your customers are looking for genuine connections from a business they can trust. 

You’ll be amazed at what honest, sincere communications can cultivate in your audience: 

  • Confidence
  • Loyalty
  • Credibility

But how can you create a brand that’s really you? One that’s truly authentic? Start with these three steps.

1. Focus on YOUR business

It’s easy to get wrapped up in comparing your business to others while you try your best to keep up with trends. This leads to spinning your wheels and passing up one opportunity after another to share what your business is truly about, and the talent and expertise you offer. 

Your brand is about you and should reflect your passion and purpose – not the latest trends or popular fads.

2. Commit to a clutter-free brainstorm

Step back from the noise of the internet, social media and the marketplace and ask yourself four straightforward questions:

  • I am passionate about…
  • My purpose is to…
  • What do I do well?
  • What makes me stand out?

The secret is to answer these questions away from your computer screen, and to not overthink your responses. 

Here are some ways to get instantly inspired:
  • Find a distraction-free place and journal/write by hand, spending five minutes on each question. Keep your pen moving; don’t stop to edit your thoughts. 
  • Use visualization to spark your imagination. Jennifer Lee, author of The Right-Brain Business Plan offers a recording of her “Big-Vision Visualization” for free.
  • Invite one or two people you trust to brainstorm along with you. 

3. Identify themes

Find commonalities or themes that emerged from your brainstorm and select three to four concepts that resonate most with you. You can refine them even further to create a concise list. 

Further questions to explore:
  • Where do you see your business in the future?
  • What do people get when they buy your service / product?
  • Who is your ideal customer?

Use these insights as a guide as you continue to build the components of your brand. 


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